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Entry 2: Relax, Relate, Release...

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Hope everyone is well rested from the holidays and ready to bask in the excellence that 2024 has in store for us. I don't know about ya'll but these last two years turned me every which way but loose, but it was needed. A breakup, business changes, career adjustment, moving, pretty much all of the life changing events one could experience in a year's time, I was clearly the poster child lol. It was only right to take the past couple of months off to rest, collect my thoughts and think about the things I truly want to experience in this lifetime with my personal life, my brand, my joint life. 

After taking inventory, I realized it was more than time to release old thought patterns and behaviors. It stings a bit knowing I was in the way of my own progress, but the flip side is it had to happen, because hello growth. And to note, how much of a block it is to the creative process....major ick lol.  As a creative director/designer of an entire fashion brand, I been out here looking like who done it and why and yeah that doesn't really work lol.  Women who live life fearlessly don't let roadblocks stop them. In the words of the great Debbie Allen, we gonna relax, relate, and release around these parts and turn them lemons into satisfyingly sweet lemonade.

Something is telling me this year is going show out in the best way possible. It's time to get dressed. Start showing up as the best version of yourself, let go and welcome all the beautiful things life has in store for you.    




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