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Entry 3: Take Up Space

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We are finally wrapping up January. There has been a lot of projects and travel going on. Every month, I've been focusing on projects that challenge my creativity. Being in rooms that rely on me to take up space has been scary at times, but knowing that I'm in the room let's me know I'm meant to be there, so it's only right to be present and show up for myself.  
I been getting in my creative bag, working on photoshoots, taking solo trips to explore new environments, and learning to lean into expressing myself authentically. The more I allow myself to take up space, the more confident I feel in my ability to create.
Allow yourself to take up space no matter how foreign or uncomfortable it may seem. Those are the moments you learn that anything is possible and you can create the life you always dreamed of. 
Here's a look at the great memories January gifted us with. We had a bomb photoshoot, traveled to New York and had some fun sourcing some dope vintage pieces. Needless to say, this is just the beginning. Time to take up space and live fearlessly. 😜



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